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FIDO's Companion Rescue Inc.
March 23, 2015 @ 8:21 am
Skyla found her forever home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skyla was with us from Oct of 2013 until Nov. of 2014. She spent that time in our kennels because we did not have a spot in the house for her (thanks to a big knucklehead named Huller). She then moved over to live with Agnes at Komplete K9 to get her acclimated into a home. She just moved into her forever home last Saturday. We couldn't be a happier for her. Skyla is a great dog just a bit quirky. Her new family seems perfect to continue to work with her and accept her for who she is. Good luck Skyla Blue.

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March 18, 2015 @ 8:40 am
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March 16, 2015 @ 7:32 am
"How dare you tell us that we couldn't adopt that dog?" That's right, sometimes dog rescues tell people no. And often the potential adopters are hurt and/or angry. But why would the rescue do that? Aren't they trying to find homes for dogs? Dogs are not one size fits all. One of the biggest mistakes people make in adopting or purchasing a dog is doing so based on how the dog looks. But does the dog fit your lifestyle? Can you handle the exercise needs? Do you have the knowledge/experience to handle the dog's personality and/or issues it may have? Does the dog need a fenced in yard to keep it at home and safe? All these factors should be considered. If you already have a dog(s) and are looking to add another here's a tip. If the dog(s) you already have are not well behaved adding another is only going to make things worse. So if a rescue has spent a lot of time and money training a dog or helping it overcome issues why would they let you adopt the dog only to have it revert back to bad behavior? This could even be dangerous for the dogs or humans involved. We do a lot of work for Fido's Companion Rescue. I like to remind them that back before we got involved with training they turned us down not once but TWICE for dogs we were interested in. We too were surprised at first but then we went to a large rescue and started to ask questions about a dog. They knew nothing about it's needs or personality. All they could tell us was that the dog had problems with ear infections. Suddenly it made sense. Fido's Companion Rescue was the type of rescue we wanted to deal with. They weren't just looking for a home for the dogs. They were looking for the right home that would work for the dog AND the adopters. I always tell people that if a rescue tells you "No, you can not adopt this dog" don't be hurt and angry. You should tell them thank you because they probably just did you a favor based on what they know about the dog.

There is no doubt that Americans love their dogs. But far too often we learn to live with unwanted behaviors from our dogs instead of addressing them. At times we may actually be encouraging and rewarding unwanted behaviors. So those cute little things our adorable puppy does now become a problem as they grow older and larger. This leads to frustration and tension for both us and our dogs. The much loved walk is cut short because there is another dog out. Our dog is closed in a room whenever a guest comes to the door. No food is safe even on the kitchen counter.

There is no need to live like this. Whether it's a new puppy or an older dog Columbia Dog Training can help. We teach you the methods and skills you need to have a more obedient dog leading to a better and more enjoyable relationship. Our training programs are tailored to address your needs. Call us today to schedule an evaluation session.

  • Obedience training on and off leash
  • Behavior problems
  • Treadmill training
  • All breeds
  • Private lessons and group classes
  • Programs customized to your needs
  • Training sessions conducted at our training center, in your home, in public, wherever required to best meet your training needs
  • Insured
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